Most Interesting Items on Shiply 2008

We do like to have a good chuckle in the Shiply office when we see some of the stranger and more unusual shipments go live. So with the Christmas period descending, instead of cracking jokes which only the cracker people could be proud of, we’ve decided to share some our favourites with you.

Kaka the bearded dragon – clearly looking to move to warmer climates was trying to get from Carnoustie down to the New Forest in Hampshire. Although, the lister (tiesto08) could not get a good photo of Kaka over to us, here is a “visual representation” of what we reckon he looks like!

Someone was planning what looks like an amazing party back in October when “alcohol for 400 people” was listed to move from Loanhead, Midlothian to Anstruther, Fife. All I have to say is, where was our invite?!

So, clearly, the old saying that a pigeon never forgets his way home is nothing more than a wives tale. One “live pigeon” (I would be more concerned if it was dead) got lost and put himself on Shiply to get himself back to Pinebrook in Suffolk. The question left by a service provider “Can I fly the bird down?”, I must admit did make me laugh.

Mistress, please! I feel sorry for the poor recipient of this bondage bench which was being sent from Falkirk to Middlesbrough. What concerned me the most is the cat bowls inside the contraption! Well, whatever floats your boat I suppose!

We know that times are tough, but this user tried to actually ship himself! He was looking for a lift up to York from Worcester. Clearly, he was just looking for a cheaper alternative to the train. Unfortunately we did have to pull this one as it’s not an area the marketplace is trying to push. But, I know there are a lot lift sharing web sites out there so the concept itself is an interesting one. Spare capacity on trains Mr Branson?