Van Renovations for Staycations this Summer


While travel seems like more of a possibility this summer than it did last year, many people are nervous to book expensive holidays abroad in fear that we may not be completely in the clear just yet. With this in mind, the humble staycation seems like an attractive option. 

Staycations can take many forms, from camping holidays to fancy hotel stays. They are often cheaper, and also more eco-friendly as they reduce the amount of travel time it takes to get to your chosen holiday destination.

One way people seem to be ‘staycationing’ this summer is through van renovations. Van renovating is a new form of glamping that we are seeing pop up over social media. 

Doing Up Your Van 

Van renovations seem to be another example of a ‘lockdown hobby’ that people all over Instagram have been undertaking.

Stripping one out and making it liveable is obviously a mammoth task with millions of things to consider, but to get you started we have pulled together a list of things to think about when renovating a van:

  1. Keep it simple; think about your main reasons for using the van. It’s probably going to be mostly for sleeping and driving, so build it accordingly. Having a little awning to come off the side so you can sit outside is a great idea, don’t waste space inside thinking you will socialise there. 
  2. One thing to remember is that if you are deep in a dark campsite, there’ll be little to no light, so make sure you are prepared for this. There are hundreds of battery operated lights available, from lanterns to Christmas lights which will make your van conversion feel like home. For the more eco-minded of you, solar lights are a great option.
  3. WATER! A rule of thumb should always be; bring more water than you think you’ll need. An obvious benefit to the campervan is that you will have plenty of storage to carry it. Consider putting it under the bed or even building an aqua-tainer to store it.

While this can be quite an expensive way to do a holiday initially, the advantage is that it’s an investment so it’s there whenever you fancy a little weekend trip!

Van Renovation Inspiration 

For more information and inspiration we have listed a few of the most beautiful examples of van renovations we have seen this year.

First up, we have @naturally.sassy. Ballerina turned home renovator, her latest renovation has been her ‘second home’ camper van which she travels all over the country with. Check out her Instagram for all things renovation.

Another one to watch for inspiration is @the.activ. This US-based couple boasts an impressive van conversion which they take to some pretty incredible parts of America. Have a look if you want serious travel envy. 

@vincentvanlife are the King and Queen of all types of second homes. Not only have they converted a van but their full-time home is a narrowboat. Take a peek at their Instagram to see what they get up to on the canals with their adorable pup, Wilf.

Globetrotter @mitch.cox travels all over the world in his aesthetically pleasing van with his beautiful girlfriend Cleo. The pair have decked this van out so incredibly, it even has a wall mounted tv and running water!

Finally, we have little van-family @pinepins. This van loving couple travels around Germany with their adorable little boy Fete. They’ve even named their van Rudi! 

How Shiply Can Help
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