£345 for an 8 minute loo stop

Michael Hobby, a lorry driver probably had to pay the highest toilet fee ever when he parked at the parking areas alongside the BP fuel station in Trinity Avenue, Felixstowe.

Totally frustrated trucker Michael and his lorry

Michael, 62, who had used the lorry park many times in the past, could not believe his ears when he was told there were new restriction rules at the park and he had to pay the registration fee (£300 plus VAT) to get his truck back.

Mr. Hobby, of Chepstow Road, Felixstowe said: ”I couldn’t believe it – my tacho showed I had been there eight minutes”

Other dirvers were also frustrated at the new rules and have started a petition.

The company managing the parking area said the changes have been brought in to prevent lorries parking for days at a time. Drivers are still able to park for free, as long as they park at the bays and register at the shop when they arrive.

We were all shocked when we heard the news. Imagine how many extra hours Michael will have to work to earn back the fee he had to pay just for eight minutes parking! Take care, there are sharks out there!

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  • well i reckon everyone should not bother going in there anymore . we truckers deserve better then this

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