5 top tips to have a successful house move through Shiply

With an increasing number of users listing their home removal requests through Shiply, we believe the following tips will be useful to you.

1. List your request correctly

Since removal companies’ quotes are mainly based on the type of required service and inventory lists, getting these details right is very important.

After your shipment is listed, click on the link to go to your listing and check whether all details are correct, especially the inventory list.

If you have missed something, click on the link Edit Your Shipment to edit it straight away, as if you edit after a removal company has placed a bid, you will have to decline their bid first.

2. Keep contact

As home removals are rather a complex job, removal companies bidding for your work might need to ask you several questions. Every time they post a question, you will be notified via email so if you can, try to answer them as quickly as you can and the more information you provide to the removal company, the more accurate their quote will be.

3. Choosing the right removal company

Shiply has a very useful feedback system with comments left by previous customers for a transport provider. This is the first thing you need to look at when choosing a removal company.

Clicking on their name will take you to their profile page with a snapshot about their company, their feedback rating and feedback left by their customers.

While a company snapshot gives you a basic idea about the removal company, this information is subjective and needs to be verified should you want to.

A company with a high feedback score and feedback rating is often a sign of a reliable transport provider. Have a look through previous feedback they received, especially those from home removal shipment listings.

4. Agree on important details before bid acceptance

To make sure both yourself and the removal company are happy to proceed with a shipment, it is important that you discuss and agree with the removal company on the most relevant details such as date and time, location, removal type, vehicles used, manpower involved before accepting their bid.

5. Communicate and cooperate after bid acceptance

Once a bid is accepted, contact information will be exchanged between yourself and the removal company. They normally get in contact quickly but you can also contact them to facilitate the process.

Communication and cooperation between you and the removal company are the key factors to ensure a successful house move. A removal company normally has lots of experience with home removals, so feel free to ask them for any advice in preparing for your house move.

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