A lump of coal this Christmas from the Royal Mail?

It might not matter whether you’re naughty or nice this Christmas, as Royal Mail managers vote in a ballot to strike in December. This marks the first ballot over strike action in thirty years since the 1979 Winter of Discontent. Because of the heavy and sustained decline in mail volume, senior management is planning to make over 1,500 job cuts in middle-management.

A strike during what is easily the busiest month for the Royal Mail would likely cause the service to descend into chaos. key components of organisation and logistical decision making will be lost, forcing the Royal Mail to a halt in time for the Christmas period.

Paul Reuter, national officer for Unite, said: “Managers are so concerned about their futures, that for the first time in over 30 years they will vote on industrial action.
“Unite will not allow managers to be forced out because of the poor decisions made at the very top of Royal Mail Group.

“If Royal Mail are allowed to push ahead with forced redundancies it will keep coming back for more, so Unite intends to stop Royal Mail in its tracks.

“There have already been 5,000 job cuts over the last five years without any compulsory redundancies. Such a drastic step is not necessary now and Unite will oppose it.”

What are your thoughts on the strike?

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