A trucker and his £600 sausage

David Highham, of Irlam, Manchester, had to pay more than £600 after he was seen throwing a sausage out of his cab window.

The lorry driver was caught in the act by environmental officials throwing the half finished sausage at Ainley Top roundabout in West Yorkshire.

David was given a fixed penalty notice of £75 but failed to pay and was later found guilty in court due to his absence.

Eventually, he was fined £175 plus £429 court costs and £15 victim surcharge, totalling £619.

So there’s a lesson for all of us: never waste a banger!

3 comments on “A trucker and his £600 sausage

  • what a pathetic country this is becoming !! Pity the authorities aren't as vigilante with people throwing brick through house windows.

  • environmental officials ?? you mean jobsworths slowly destroying this country. So looks like his kids will probably suffer as he will have to cut back on there food to pay the £600 to prop up this sinking country

  • big brother is watching! The real criminals just get a ticking off by some upper middle class twit of a judge, whilst hard working people have to pay idiotic fines and higher taxes to keep this country going

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