An electric idea

Shiply has posted about hybrid vehicles before, but we are happy to introduce the production of an all new 100% electric delivery van. 

Unveiled by Freightliner Custom Chassis Corp., the MT-EV walk-in van is the first commercial vehicle in the world to use Tesla Motor’s batteries. This allows the vehicle to also be the first and only fully featured Walk in Van (WIV) chassis in the industry to be completely electrically powered – no supplementary power is needed whatsoever. 

“Built of lightweight, durable composites that are completely recyclable, the interior of the cab features an automotive-style interior intended to maximize driver comfort and productivity.”

As you can tell from the photo, the van was built to be as aerodynamic as possible, allowing it to push the limits of its journey range. 

On a full charge, the battery pack can supply enough juice for a 100-mile journey, making it more ideal for shorter deliveries within urban areas. The van has a gross vehicle weight rating of 6,350 to 8,845 kg, which is more than capable for most heavy deliveries. As demand for the green transport increases, the technology behind it makes new strides and Shiply hopes to see it long continue.

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  • 100 miles ?? what sort of courier does that ?? i cant even get round a third of my deliveries @ 100 miles ?? … Freightman

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