Announcing Shiply’s new eBay widget

It’s finally here, the Shiply eBay widget. eBay sellers can insert our free widget into their eBay auction listings. This will give prospective bidders on those larger “local collect only” items the option to use Shiply and get ebay courier quotes from thousands of transport providers already making similar trips.

Did you know that at any time there are over 930,000 items on eBay which are listed as local collect only. This really does restrict the majority of eBay buyers who do not live locally. The hassle and expense of arranging an independent courier, is often enough to put off the majority of eBay bidders.

The Shiply widget allows eBay buyers to simply enter their delivery post code directly from the eBay listing page and Shiply does the leg work, importing photos, descriptions, pickup post code and more…

So, if you are an eBay seller who has large items to sell on eBay, then the Shiply widget is for you. It is just a small piece of HTML code which you copy/paste into your auctions and then it is all ready for your eBay bidders to use.

Once eBay bidders have secured a cheap price for ebay delivery of their auction items they are far more likely to bid on your auction and indeed bid more aggressively, so you can expect a higher auction selling price!

Happy eBay-ing & enjoy the widget!