April Fuels Day – Radio 1 Chris Moyles

Listening to Chris Moyles on Radio 1 this morning, one of the presenters came up with a new idea for the traditional April Fools Day.

He proposed that instead of a practical joke there should be a 1/2 price fuel day especially for UK truckers.
Just imagine if the Government actually listened to this one and went through with it. April Fuels Day no doubt would go down as the “April Fool’s” of the century. Could you just imagine the queues at the pumps and then Alistair Darling popping out from around the corner – “April Fuels”!

One comment on “April Fuels Day – Radio 1 Chris Moyles

  • That would have been a great idea, the whole industry is just getting more and more tied down. As a trucker I find the ever increasing fuel costs a huge strain on my work.

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