Argos trials 90-minute delivery service for customers

Argos are starting a trial with Shutl, a promising start up business which will allow the retail giant’s customers to have products delivered to their doors in as little as 90 minutes.
The six month trial will be based in London and available for Argos customers using its “Check & Reserve” service.

Shutl’s solution helps by connecting Argos with same day local couriers who can deliver the retailer’s products to its customers in a much shorter time than before. The service starts at £4.95, which is £1 cheaper than Argos’s current two to three day delivery service!



Tom Allason, Shutl’s founder (and former owner of eCourier) said the majority of the £4.95 will go the courier companies. “We’re a high volume, low margin business. We have no moving parts. It’s in our interests to get the costs as low as possible because the consumer is more likely to convert.”

The company is hoping to expand the trial nationwide if the London trial proves successful.

We think this is another example of making good use of vehicles capacities and empowering independent courier companies to get involved in large-scale supply chain contracts which frankly they would not otherwise get a sniff of.