Be careful if your partner drives an Audi!

The car we drive often says a lot about our personality. That is why decided to figure out what car drivers are more willing to cheat on their partners.

Perhaps the final result is not surprising, the most likely to cheat were linked to high-class car brands, such as Audi (22.2%), BMW (13.8%), Mercedes-Benz (8.7%), Volvo (7.6%) and Wolkswagen (5.7%)

According to Mike Taylor, spokesman of “all the cars in the top five represent our members, they are typically successful, motivated, high-achievers who are less likely to settle for something they find unsatisfying, be it a car or a relationship.”

Below you can see a graph about the distribution of percentages within top 5 car brands in terms of affairs.

This survey also questions the stereotype of the romantic French affair. The fewest number of cheaters correspond to French manufacturers Peugeot and Renault.