The Benefits of a Spring Declutter

It’s that time of year again – the sun is coming out, the clocks will soon change, and all across the country, people are cleaning their houses! There’s never been a better time to have a bit of a refresh than right before Summer, so why not identify items you no longer use, free up space, and possibly even make a little bit of money whilst doing it?

If you need some motivation to get started, here are some of the best benefits of a Spring declutter (as well as just keeping you busy):

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Just To Freshen Up

We are at home a lot, and with the rise of working from home since the pandemic, it’s only natural that your mind wanders and you begin to think about improving your surroundings. Doing so can be a great way to destress yourself and alleviate some of the anxiety of being in your home constantly, as well as cleaning your place up!

From simply freeing up space in your home to completely changing the layout of a room, you would be amazed at what a little decluttering and rearranging can do for your mood.

Make Money Out Of Unwanted Items

Spring cleaning could also make you some extra cash. If you’ve got a lot of unused things hiding in your cupboards, it could be worth putting some time aside to sort through what could be thrown away, sold or donated. 

You could use Marie Kondo’s famous method of assessing whether something should be kept or not based on whether it sparks joy, meaning you can single out those sentimental items that you want to keep hold of, even if they no longer serve a purpose.

As the saying goes, ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’ and you’d be surprised at what people will buy second hand, so if you find anything that could be used by someone else, try listing it for sale online and see if you could make some money, particularly with things like clothing or electronics. If you’re not sure if something is likely to sell, search for the item in eBay’s ‘completed listings’ and see what prices the same or similar items have recently sold for.

Remember that with Shiply you can deliver items for up to 75% less than typical rates, meaning that high delivery fees won’t put people off of bidding for your items!

If you’d rather not sell, consider donating instead . There are many places that accept donations, whether it’s a charity shop, a toy library, or somewhere that accepts donations for specific projects like recycling wedding dresses/suits or sending old running shoes/sports gear to those unable to afford them.

Make Space For New Purchases/Activities

If you have been thinking about getting a piano, or perhaps making a play area for your kids, getting rid of those old unwanted items is a great way to free up space. It’s amazing what a bit of decluttering and repositioning of furniture can do, and doing some manoeuvring could give you the space you need to improve your home and introduce new hobbies.

As a bonus, any cash you make from selling the items could be put towards filling the new space!

Preparing For A House Move

If you’re looking to move home later this year, decluttering in advance could save you a lot of hassle nearer the time, and could reduce the amount of items to pack before moving day. If you’re likely to be moving in the warmer months, you might find it beneficial to pack up your winter items well in advance, like warm coats, woolly hats and gloves, or specialist winter sports gear like skiing or snowboarding equipment. Packing away anything that you are unlikely to need before the move will reduce the number of chores to do nearer the time when stress levels are already high in the weeks before your moving day. Remember, house removals on Shiply are typically cheaper than usual too…

Good luck with your decluttering!