Bride arrives at wedding in HGV

Whilst fancy Rolls Royce’s and Horse Drawn Carriages might be many couples’ dream for their wedding; Michelle and Matt Gregory, of Scunthorpe, had their own ideas.

Matt, who runs a haulage company in Messingham, took his bride Michelle to the wedding in a Volvo FH12 articulated lorry instead!

Since Michelle dressed in a traditional wedding gown, she had to use a step ladder to get in and out of the lorry on her big day.

Michelle said: “I never dreamed I would arrive at my own wedding in a lorry but it was what Matt wanted. I can certainly say it was very different – we got a lot of waves and pips from passing motorists.”

Happy newlyweds Matt and Michelle with their wedding lorry

Mr. Gregory explained his idea: “It is the industry that I work in and that’s why I chose the lorry. I wanted to show lorries can be used for lots of things – not just road haulage.”

Congratulations to the happy couple from all at Shiply!