Britain goes green

Vincent Bollore, a French billionaire will help Britain to go green by putting electric hire cars on Britains roads.

The businessman says “Pollution becomes a nightmare … so many cities where you can’t even go out and the planes can’t take off and you have to solve this problem.”

In the next two years Bollore will set up more than 3,000 electric hire cars and 6,000 charging stations, which means that the amount of outlets that are available today would quadruple.

The Bollore group, which won the rights for the £100 million project to help Londons Mayor Boris Johnson, will put 100,000 greener vehicles on the streets.

The vehicle sharing scheme will be commercial while the charging system will be run by Transport for London (TfL). By the end of the year, Bollore reckons that 100 “Bluecars” will be available and can be hired by using a smartphone app.