Cereal offender

News networks have picked up on the now infamous photo of a lorry driver eating his cereal whilst driving on the motorway. The hungry haulier has been snapped with both hands off the wheel, enjoying a bowl of cereal on the move. Spotted travelling along South Mimms, North of London, his dangerous antics have brought a barrage of cereal based puns from “he’s a crunchie nut” to “that’s the bowl truth.”

However, public outrage is not over spilt milk but a genuine concern for road safety that reckless negligence can bring. Joel Hickman, from road safety charity Brake, said, “To put it simply, motorists who eat behind the wheel are putting other people’s lives in jeopardy.”

The driver may have had his Weetabix but we are willing to bet he’s regretting it now!  Awful behaviour and we hope justice is done.

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