Chance Delivers some Presents for the Postmen

We all look for ways to improve our luck, but perhaps the postmen from Buckie, Banffshire, have found a secret formula. Jamie Shewan, 35, is the third employee of the Buckie Royal Mail delivery office to win big on the lotto. This most recent success puts the building’s total prize money at over £500,000. So what could possibly explain this run of good fortune?

Jamie the lucky postie (source: Daily Record)

Since the dawn of time, physicians have told us that sea-air is the secret to wellbeing. Have the Northern Winds of the Scottish coast finally provided us with proof? With average October rainfall in Buckie hitting 72.5 mm, residents will be watching out to see if the dark clouds have a silver-lining next month.

Or perhaps we are witnessing Karma in action. Postmen certainly do their share of giving while delivering streams of letters and packages, so this could be the world returning the favour. The Royal Mail certainly hopes so, releasing a statement that ‘their colleagues around Scotland will be hoping that their luck rubs off on them.’

If Karma is the cause, then the transportation industry is surely the place to be. It may be more than love of his job that has led Jamie to vow to keep working as a postman. Why change a winning formula?