Confessions of a saveaholic!

A rather nice surprise this morning was news that Shiply has been featured in today’s Daily Telegraph.

The piece which played off the new movie “confessions of a shopaholic” (don’t think I’ll be rushing to see this one), was an article based on how the reporter Kara Gammell used the Internet to save over £1,000 when moving home. It was a great article which really does show that if you, the consumer are willing to shop around, you can make great savings.

Kara used to move some furniture which a friend had kindly given her. Instead of hiring a van and driving it herself, she used Shiply and got a fantastic price of just £54 for a 78 mile journey. This represented a saving of over £81, not to mention time and effort!

We’re so glad that Shiply helped aid this move and not only saved Kara money but also helped the environment by keeping that hire van off the road and fitting her delivery in with a transport provider already making a similar trip.