Couch potato breaks world record

The fastest speeds that most people achieve when sitting on the sofa is usually reaching for the remote. Driver Glen Suter, however, put us all to shame by smashing for the world record for the fastest sofa. Using a 1,400cc Suzuki superbike engine Suter easily beat the previous record of 92mph, reaching an astonishing 101mph

“I’m absolutely stoked to have been able to hit world record speeds with our couch,” Mr Suter said. “I could feel the sheer power of the motor under the lounge as I was driving it down the runway. And it’s a pretty great feeling.”

Paul McKinnon, who built the machine for Australian drinks maker Ice Break, added: “It’s the oddest vehicle we’ve ever built. With race cars, you can use the aerodynamic body kit but with the couch it was a matter of just doing what we could. We tried to break the airflow with the coffee table.”