Cutting CO2 emissions in road transport – Shiply

It’s a sad fact that some 25% of lorries and 15% of vans on Britain’s roads run completely empty. This wastage actually accounts for around 7.2% of the UK’s carbon footprint – a massive problem I’m sure you will agree.

To help publicise the magnitude of the problem, and the effectiveness of Shiply we have set up our own carbon counter page. This keeps a running tally of the CO2 we have been saving by matching users with transport providers already making similar trips.

As you can see, to date (since just June 2008), we have saved over 276,000kg of CO2 and to put that into perspective that is about the same as you flying from London to New York 455 times!

We’ve helped to save over 1,1,138,30 otherwise wasteful miles and so a big thank you must go out to our green transport heroes and users for their efforts.

You can keep up to date on how Shiply is getting on with the stats here.