Delivery to Neighbour Option Welcomed by Most (Just Don’t Trust Us With Edibles)

We all know the frustration of waiting for an eagerly anticipated package to come through the post, only to find a “something for you card” dropped through your letterbox while you were out.

A Royal Mail postman on his daily rounds (Picture: The Telegraph)

Added to the frustration of having to then go out of your way to pick up the parcel at the local sorting office is the fact that if their opening hours clash with your working hours, you might have to wait days before you can pick it up, which rather defeats the point of paying extra for first class post.

While many delivery companies offer you the option of specifying an alternative delivery option, like leaving the package with a neighbour, Royal Mail are actually bound by law to leave those little cards that cause so much frustration.

However, that could all be changing fairly soon as Royal Mail plan to allow their posties to leave your parcel with a neighbour instead, following successful trials of the scheme.

Though this will be welcome news to most, those involved in garden fence feuds or the like will be relieved to know that nobody will be forced to accept the new arrangement, as every UK address will be sent a letter this autumn allowing them to opt out.

The final hurdle before the scheme goes live is to get the whole thing approved by the postal regulator Ofcom, who will have to carry out a lengthy consultation with the public before putting the necessary regulatory changes in place.

Somehow we doubt there will be much opposition to the proposal – it’s a no brainer! That said, our own neighbours probably wouldn’t want to leave anything too tempting with us for too long, we’re not 100% sure we could guarantee the safe return of a parcel full of cookies, for instance…