Eggciting delivery challenge

Firstly, apologies for the headline, we couldn’t resist!

A disgruntled delivery driver has offered a unique challenge to Warwickshire Council. Mr Haynes has become so angry at the state of roads in the area that he has challenged them to drop off 10 boxes of eggs around the town of Leamington without breaking them or infringing parking laws.

He said: “There is literally nowhere to go if I’m delivering to stores on The Parade.
“It’s no unloading at any time on the pavements, but I can’t park in the streets behind so what can I do?

“With the town centre now being one-way it also adds miles and miles to my journeys. Pedestrians don’t pay to walk but we pay to drive, so why should they get priority?”

Should the council take him up and complete his mission, he pledges to donate £100 to a charity of their choice.