Express delivery using Metro – a good idea?

We find this story from Dubai very interesting and we think it could be a potential business idea for couriers in the UK.

After the Dubai Metro was launched in September, courier company TSC Express Worldwide has been using the train to beat the extremely busy traffic on Dubai streets.

TSC Express Courier company using the Dubai Metro to deliver important parcels

With this new delivery method, TSC Express has saved a lot of time as well as money on finding and paying for parking. Parking tickets can cost up to Dh 200 (£32) whilst a return trip from the nearest station to the company depot to city centre costs just Dh 4.60 (75p).

Mohamed Robel, the head of marketing for TSC Express said: “It’s a good difference and there are no parking charges and we are mainly paying for parking fines”.

Customers are also benefiting from the service too, as the courier has improved its delivery service times. Recently TSC Express has delivered a package from its depot to city centre in just 25 minutes.

With the scale of rail networks in the UK, we think it is highly possible to deliver mails and parcels expressly through the tube or train. It is also more eco-friendly than using cars. However, reliability wise, we’re not so sure!!! Signal failure on the district again, oops, sorry!