Facebook catches fraudster

After making a fraudulent claim for £1million as a result of a road collision, ex-lorry driver, Graham Loveday was embarrassingly caught red handed after posting photos on Facebook. Mr Loveday claimed that he was unable to return to his job in the transport industry after his collision, stating “going into a car fills me with dread.” However the lure of a holiday in Italy meant Mr Loveday gave up his wheelchair to drive the 2000 mile journey with his wife.

Insurance firm Acromas’s lawyer told a judge: “He told a solicitor he had travelled by plane and was taken in a wheelchair.”

Judge Sir Anthony May said: “Mr Loveday had given a bit of a show of staggering from his seat to give evidence and pretending not to remember things.”

Mr. Loveday was found guilty for lying 14 times in court papers and sentenced for nine months of jail time.