Fedex testing electric delivery trucks in service

Fedex has shown its strong commitment to eco-friendly transport by putting four zero-emissions electric delivery trucks to the demanding Los Angeles delivery circuit.

The company also claimed to be the first amongst its U.S. courier service competitors to put all-electric trucks to work. However, there is not yet a title for the truck as it will not officially enter service until June 2010.

Fedex’s electric delivery trucks will be tested in LA for their reliability

Mitch Jackson, vice president of environmental affairs and sustainability for Fedex said: “Eletric trucks are still their infancy, but we think they have a bright future in the mix of alternative energy vehicles.”

Way back in 2004, Fedex has already shown strong leadership in eco-friendly shipping solutions when it introduced hybrid-electric commercial trucks which currently total 1,400 worldwide.

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  • Our hybrid technology grows day by day to have a Commercial trucks and cars which would both reduce emissions and reduce our vehicle fuel consumption. I appreciate the decision taken by Federal express to use hybrid trucks to reduce co2 emissions from their trucks.Due to use of hybrid trucks there will be increased fuel efficiency and thus FedEx will able to save its operating costs also.

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