Fuel Efficient Vans Database Launched

The Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA), Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), and Department for Transport (DfT) have just launched a new database which details the fuel consumption of vans on the UK market.

The free service allows transport operators a facility to search and compare vans on the market and made an informed decision.

Vans make up about 15% of road transport emissions in the UK and these are rising at the highest rate of any road vehicle. If everybody buying a new van bought the most fuel efficient model in its class the average buyer could save up to 17% on both CO2 emissions and fuel costs.

Transport Secretary Andrew Adonis said:

“It’s important to help motoring consumers make the right choice, both for themselves and for the environment.

“This database is good news for van buyers – it gives them access to emissions and fuel consumption information that could well shape the van they choose, as well as enable them to cut emissions and save money.

“At a time when the Government is working hard to create a stable financial environment to encourage long-term investment in the motoring industry this tool is also good news for van producers by stimulating interest and demand in the models they make.”

We think the database is a fantastic move forward. We understand that it is going to be some time until electric vans and more environmentally friendly fuels are available on the market in mass-scale. So, in the mean time, by giving transport operators easy, free access to the facts in a way which allows for easy comparison will help not only the environment but also profit.