Fuel saving tips from Shiply – lorry and van driver tips

There are so many things which can be improved on vehicles themselves to improve fuel efficiency. However, one important area which is often overlooked is the driver themselves. If you fleet is driven efficiently you can expect substantial savings not only on fuel but also insurance and the safety of your staff.

Here is a handy checklist for drivers:

  • Nobody is perfect, no matter how experienced, always be prepared to learn and take new advice on board
  • Follow your individual vehicle manufacturers recommendations
  • Read the vehicle handbook
  • Know your average MPG and record this over time
  • Use tachometer green zone
  • Always carry out systematic pre-driving vehicle checks and record these checks
  • Report defects promptly
  • Deal with these quickly
  • Skip-shift (block shift) gears when safe to do so
  • Try not to fill fuel tanks to the brim
  • Pull away in correct gear
  • When parking up at night, try to do so in a way that will allow for an easy exit in the morning with minimal maneuvering on a cold engine
  • Make good use of cruise control
  • Find out and use the optimal efficiency speed of your vehicle and try your best to stick to it