Get your face on a stamp!

Have you ever wanted to send out letters or birthday cards to your family and friends with your very own stamps? The new “Smilers personalised stamps” service from Royal Mail now lets you create you own First Class stamps and actually use them.

What a nice (and quite unexpected) idea from Royal Mail! Imagine how happy and surprised your loved ones would be when receiving birthday or Christmas greeting cards with your very own face on them. 
The prices are £7.80 for 10 First Class or £13.95 for 20. Discounts are also available if you buy multiple sheets.

This move follows on from Royal Mail’s “intelligent stamp range” launched recently.  We are starting to wonder however, if someone at Royal Mail has miss-understood what the board meant when they said they wanted to “modernise” :).

Anyway, visit;=3800008 to try it out if you like the concept!