Green Courier Services – what more can we do?

Shiply is great for the environment, by matching loads up with couriers and transport companies already making similar trips we can cut down on the number of wasted and un-necessary trips.

Those transport providers that actively seek out to find work along routes they are already travelling and on the return of these routes are not only helping the environment but also maximising their revenues.

Yet, there is always more that can be done!

1) Cut down on printing – think before you print
2) Use energy saving light bulbs
3) Switch off those office lights when not needed
4) Turn off your computers and laptops when not in use (or at least the use the power saving option which will)
5) Recycle your ink cartridges
6) Recycle everything that you can
7) Online marketing and selling is cheaper and greener than making constant site visits
8) Buy fair trade products (coffee, tea etc)
9) Use email over fax and regular post. Many clients are happy with pdf invoices.
10) Car pool, share lifts with work colleagues and cut down on emissions.

Are you a transport company and use Shiply to keep your vehicles full? You can add a Shiply green badge to your own web site to show that you care for our environment. Just login to My Shiply and click on the “Green tick badge” link on the left.