Hail to the bus driver

Shiply delivery services has reported on a whole host of new and innovative green vehicles. Transport companies and the industry as a whole have realised that cutting emissions could mean cutting unnecessary costs. Stagecoach is one such company that it is putting is best foot forward when it comes to reducing its co2 emissions.

Based in Falkirk, Stagecoach has already committed £9m for hybrid buses that combine the power of electricity and diesel. Government aid will boost this amount by a further £4m. The UK and Scottish governments have set aside support money to subsidise the cost of more environmentally friendly fleets to other bus operators.

The new buses will operate in Newcastle and Sheffield, with the hope that they will cut co2 emissions by 30%. Dubbed “Enviro-buses,” the new vehicles utilise BAE systems technology to charge the buses batteries through the energy created when braking.

Les Warneford, managing director of Stagecoach UK Bus, said: “Buses and coaches already deliver a major carbon saving over using the car, but new technology is only part of the answer to the challenge of climate change.”

He went on to state that the infrastructure of bus companies and bus routes needs to be examined and where necessary, reformed.