Haulage boss disguises caravan as a log truck

Ian Murdoch, a retired haulage boss, is dodging costly park fees by hiding his caravan as a log truck.

Mr. Murdoch, 69, got fed up paying for hotels when travelling around the UK. He then put his five berth caravan on the back of a vintage lorry and hid it under timber.

Ian Murdoch and his timber-truck-caravan

Ian, of Laurieston, Dumfries-shire, said: “It’s an ideal place to stay. I planned to build a log cabin on the back but that was too big a project. So I bought a caravan and put that on the back. You can’t see it from outside, but plenty of light comes in.”

Ian takes the 35 year old Atkinson Border lorry to vintage vehicle shows across the UK and surprises onlookers when he reveals the hidden entrance.

“You should see their faces”, said Ian.

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