Hearse past the post

In what is surely an under contested category in the Guinness World Records, the Reverend Ray Biddis has set the record for the world’s fastest motorbike hearse – going at a speed of 114mph.

Injecting a bit of rock ‘n’ roll into the standard hearse design, the Baptist Minister decided to customise his 2.3 litre Triumph III to the tune of £20,000.

He said: “I nearly got wiped out on a ride and realised if I had done I would have to be carried to my funeral in a car and I didn’t want that. I know some people get taken in a motorbike sidecar but a true biker wouldn’t be seen dead in one of those, so I came up with the idea of an all-in-one hearse.”

He went on to joke, “I’d like to have another go and get faster but I don’t think I would get away with it with my wife.”