Holy Popemobile!

His holiness, Pope Benedict XVI has been eagerly awaited by Catholics across the UK. But if your not religiously inclined there is still reason to be excited….the popemobile!

The customised truck, affectionately dubbed the “popemobile” has wowed the public the world over during Papal visits. Coming in a variety of models and sizes, each one is designed with the Pope’s safety as top priority. The model to be used during the Pope’s visit to the UK will be a closed top, customised Mercedezs-Benz M-Class sport utility vehicle.

At Shiply we’re glad to hear the popemobile keeps up its eye-watering average of 6mph using green petrol. However, don’t let the eco-fuel or boxy form factor fool you as it can reach up to 160mph if a quick get-away is needed!

The customised truck comes with its own unique registration plate, reading SCV 1, short for Status Civitatis Vaticanae – the Latin name for the Vatican City State. Other features include bulletproof glass and reinforced side panels to ensure the Pope’s safety. To enter the truck, the Pope must enter through the back turret and use a hydraulic lift to elevate himself to the perfect position.

Dr Alberto Gasbarri, organiser of all the Pope’s trips, has stated, “the driver will be British and chosen by the local authorities in Britain. He will have to be a competent driver and he will get a chance to accustom himself to the Popemobile.’

Could you drive the Pope?