How do I transport a car to Europe?

At some point I’m sure that we have all needed to transport a car in the UK. However, what happens when you need to move your vehicle overseas, say to Spain, France or just over to Ireland?

Finding car transporters to move your vehicle in Europe is a more complicated process. Most importantly you must remember that different laws, rules and regulations exist in different European countries. So, understandably it really does pay to choose a car transport company that have experience with car delivery overseas.

Insurance is another important point, you must check that not only your chosen car transport company has valid insurance within the UK to move vehicles legally and with adequate cover but also that this cover extends to Europe and indeed any other countries which they intend to drive through.

Once you are happy with your chosen car delivery company, be sure to insist upon a written contract and take note of any pre-existing damage prior to pick-up. Note the mileage to cross-check once the car is delivered, there should be no major increases in mileage which would suggest the car has been driven.

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