How Do I Transport Large & Fragile Items?

Arranging a courier or haulage company to move large and fragile items has always been a bit of a headache. Unfortunately it is never as easy as just nipping down to the post office.

If the goods delivery is over sized and cannot go via a parcel network such as DHL, UPS, City Link etc, then you will need to arrange for an independent courier to collect and deliver your goods.

If the items you are moving are fragile, you will need to carefully choose the most appropriate packing materials for the job. Bubble wrap is always popular as you can easily wrap it around even the most odd-sized goods and antiques. It also a good idea to find out the size of vehicle proposed to be used by the delivery company and the other types of goods which will be travelling alongside (or on top!) of your items.

Particularly with fragile moves such as artwork shipping and antiques, it is important to gauge the level of insurance offered by the courier you choose. Be extra careful with breakables such as glass as some insurance policies will not cover such fragile items. You may find, however, that your own home insurance policy will cover your goods in transit.

When booking a transport provider for moving large items, you should try to gauge whether or not the driver will be working alone or will have another worker with them. If they are a “one man and his van” operation, then it is likely they will need assistance with loading and unloading.