HP Packaging Madness

HP have been put to shame, and rightly so, for these horrendous packaging efforts:

This one apparently contained a 10ft power cord! Arrived on a pallet!

This beast on a wooden pallet and in black wrapping contained one vanilla flavour PS2 mouse!!

Wow, that’s another big box, when you get something like that you must be thinking that they’ve sent you a nice big desktop or server……. But no:

In fact it contained 17 of these smaller boxes each with 2 sheets of A4 protected also by foam!

Perhaps we’ve been a bit hard on old HP? Here’s another effort from Amazon sending out a small hard drive (arrowed):

All in all, I’m sure we’ve all seen some ridiculous packaging efforts and perhaps we get a bit of a laugh out of some of them. However, for big corporates to be producing mass waste on this scale for us, is completely unacceptable.

5 comments on “HP Packaging Madness

  • there are regulations called The Packaging (Essential Requirements) Regulations which control packaging used by companies and cover excess packaging such as this.
    The regulations are enforced by Trading Standards Depts and if I recall I think one computer company were prosecuted for using excessive packaging on dleiveries

  • Amazing packaging. I like HP services. Packaging of every thing defines company's quality. I like the photographs which showed here. Well thanks for sharing such nice information here. I like this site.

  • I found this site because HP sells its printer cartridges in absurd packaging, so I typed "HP pac" into google, and "HP Packaging Madness" showed up. For their packaging and other reasons, I will never buy another HP product. The 3 overpriced cartridges were sold encased in clear hard plastic (the kind that can't be torn by hand and requires tools to open) measuring 9x11x1 inches. Each cartridge is only 2x3x1. 99 cubic inches to package 18 cubic inches. Area of plastic? 198+ sq. inches, probably 2 sq feet. Absurd waste! Boycott HP!

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