Improvements to Home Removals

As of today, Shiply has updated and improved the home removals section. The exciting changes will benefit users and transport providers alike, making the process of home removals on Shiply a whole lot smoother.

Transport providers will notice that Moving Home listings will now include additional information in the listing details. Also, users are now highly recommended to fill out the inventory form before the listing is created. Importantly, all Moving Home listings calculate and display the approximate volume of the entire inventory of the listed contents. This means transport providers will now have a better image of what each house move requires and subsequently be able to provide more accurate quotes.

Users can expect to see more information from prospective transport providers, including the number of porters being employed to the type of vehicle being used. House move quotes will include vehicle types with accompanying illustrative pictures of the vehicle. All these changes will hopefully mean less confusion and a more efficient house move process on Shiply.

We hope you find these changes useful and as ever we welcome any feedback or suggestions for future changes.