Is this the bicycle of the future?

Students from Liverpool University designed a bike called ARION1 that can be ridden at approximately 90mph.
The carbon fibre casing is 40 times more aerodynamic than a Bugatti Veyron.

‘The project is no simple undertaking but, at this stage, just six months in, we are in a great position,’ said Ben Hogan, 22.

The students hope to finish the project by next year, to take part in the World Human Power Speed Challenge.
‘This is a fascinating project, at the very cutting edge of vehicular engineering’ said, Philippa Oldham, from the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.

‘The team will have to make sure everything is perfect – from the aerodynamics to the size of the wheels.’
‘It’s an extremely tough ask to get a human-powered vehicle to travel at 90mph – but with the right engineering approach it is possible.’

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