LDV pays it’s bills with vans

We posted a blog not long ago about the financial difficulties LDV Vans have found themselves in and their rejected bail out appeal to Government.

It now seems that in a bid to stay afloat, LDV are offering payment in vans to suppliers to help ease cash flow and reduce stock.

LDV public relations and marketing director Guy Jones said: “This works for our dealers and it works for us.

“They get something that is of value now and it reduces the debt position for the business.

“It is just accounting, really – people who are buying the vehicles from us are invoicing against their debts.

“We are not giving the vehicles away. This is part of an existing business arrangement to reduce debts.

“It is mainly used vehicles and it is being done on a case by case basis.”

And Mr Jones insisted the vans for cash deal was a valuable tool for the van-maker in its battle for survival.

“Some of our dealers are helping us out in that respect.”

The knock-back from Government with their plan to create Europe’s greenest van fleet has not deterred LDV who are working on a revised business plan to pitch to Ministers.

Around 7,000 jobs are at risk at the failing plant, all of whom have already taken a 10% pay-cut. There are thousands more jobs at risk should LDV go under in the form of suppliers.