Learner driver called 999 over his late instructor

Last Thursday, emergency services in West Midland received a surprising phone call from a flustered learner driver. The reason for his dismay was that his instructor was late.

After arriving only a few minutes late for the lesson, the pair rowed over the arrival time and then the tutor asked the learner to get out of her car.

The flustered learner wanted to go further and dialled 999 to request police intervention.

In the call he claimed the instructor asked him to get out of the car, stating he had an “attitude problem.” The time waster went on to say: “I need someone to complain to. Who should I complain to?” The operator told him to ask her employer or the people who regulate the driving instructors and not to call police 999 line to complain that your instructor is late.

West Midland Police have released a recording of the conversation to emphasize one of the “ridiculous” phone calls that they receive each year. You can listen to the clip below: