London Lorry Control Scheme Ban To Be Lifted

Havering Council, a London borough have announced that they intend to lift the current night time ban on lorry deliveries from 2010.

The London Lorry Control Scheme has been viewed by many within the industry and restrictive and does little to help ease the “last mile” problem.

Currently, lorries are charged up to £500 fixed penalties if they are caught carrying out deliveries at weekends and evenings.

Councillor Michael Armstrong, who is the cabinet minister for housing, public protection and regeneration, said:

“The money could be spent helping businesses and in regeneration. We are in a recession after all.”

We agree and furthermore, by restricting deliveries to daytime only there is an increase in the number of failed deliveries. This is not only an inconvenience to the recipients but also the delivery driver. Not to mention, there is also the detrimental impact on the environment – having to make the trip more than once!