M20 turned to a giant lorry park due to heavy snow

The heavy snow over the last few days has created huge delays for lorry drivers trying to leave the UK.

Lorries, trucks and HGVs wanting to cross the English Channel from the Port of Dover were asked to park on the coast bound carriageway due to the bad weather. This has turned the M20 into a giant lorry park.

Heavy snow has caused substantial delays on the M20

Andy Pearson shared his thoughts: “What a way to start the Christmas week – I have to go all the way to Hungary and I thought I would be back to my family in Rochdale for Christmas. Now it doesn’t look as though I’ll leave England by then.”

In early hours of Monday the M20 was re-opened after the backlog of traffic was cleared. Ferry services from Dover also resumed but were still subject to delays.

We hope that not so many couriers & haulage companies on Shiply were affected by this but if you were, please share your stories, we believe everybody is interested to know.

One comment on “M20 turned to a giant lorry park due to heavy snow

  • Our trip to Germany and Poland was delayed in Dover by several hours (aprox.16 hrs).Max speed on A2 in Germany between Hannover and Potsdam – 30miles/hour due to heavy snow fall. Road conditions in southern Poland – better, services everywhere very active but temerature drops to MINUS 25 C overnight – Antifrize and WINTER TYRES – a MUST!! Lot of accidents on main highways with GB vehicles involved – Don`t forget to dress yourself ARCTIC and WINTER tyres for Your vehicle. Change fluids/coolants to undilluted MINUS 30 C.
    Looks like our GB vehicles suffering most, seen family of 4 (2 small children) in Germany with fozen WATER in cooling system !
    Think !

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