Meanwhile in Lithuania…

Arturas Zuokas is not your run of the mill Mayor. Whilst most Mayor’s busy themselves with opening local shops, Mayor Zuokas has made it his personal duty to rid his streets of illegally parked cars in the country’s capital Vilnius.

Disgruntled members of the Mayor’s office complained of receiving hundreds of complaints from cyclists, stating that the cars were blocking their bike lanes. Mayor Zuokos’s logical solution was to drive over an illegally parked luxury Mercedes Benz with an armoured tank!

“If you have a car and a lot of money, it doesn’t mean you can park whenever you want. There has been an increasing number of such incidents lately, and with this action I want to remind, that behaving with a lack of respect to other people is wrong,”

Whilst we hope Boris Johnson doesn’t follow suit, who can deny the spectacle of Boris roaming the streets of London in a tank?