Mechanic wrecks owners Ferrari

A customer drives in to your garage looking for a tune up of their £300,000 Ferrari F40; naturally you relish the chance to work on a triumph of super car perfection. However, this was not enough to sate the appetite of a mechanic in Houston, Texas. Whilst the owner left the super car in his (not so) capable hands, the rogue grease monkey decided to take it out for a spin.

Unfortunately for the mechanic, the Ferrari was too much to handle and after losing control, the car ploughed into a fence. Gregg Carlson, from motoring site Wrecked Exotics, said, ‘It’s always sad to see such beautiful cars destroyed, but it’s comforting to know that Ferrari uses their racing technology to keep occupants as safe as possible. The mechanic was left uninjured and had the unenviable responsibility to informing the owner who was holidaying in Europe.