New feature – feedback reply

Every story has two sides and this is especially true with feedback left on Shiply. The customer isn’t always right and vice verca. So, we now offer the ability for our members to reply to feedback received and for this to be displayed immediately underneath the feedback in question.

If you wish to make use of this new feature, just follow these steps:

1) Log in
2) Navigate to your profile page
3) Click on the reply link to the feedback in question
4) Type out your reply

It’s as easy as that, your reply is there for all to see. It cannot be edited, so please be careful with what you write just as per normal feedback. It is always a better idea to take the higher ground and simply state the facts of a transaction than get down and dirty or make personal remarks. After all, this is your public profile and people pay a lot of attention to it, whether that is analysing whether to accept your bid or analysing whether to bid.

We hope you enjoy this new tool

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