New feature: minimum bids

We have introduced a significant new feature to help transport providers when bidding on shipments. Our new automatic bidding system makes bidding convenient so you don’t have to keep coming back to re-bid every time a competitor places a new lower bid.

How Does It Work?

1) When you place a bid, you can now set the minimum bid amount you are willing to go to. The user and other transport providers do not know your minimum bid, this is hidden.

2) If your current bid price is beaten by a competitor Shiply will automatically place a new bid for you which is based on the new current low bid. Shiply will bid only as much as is necessary to beat this new current bid, but without exceeding your set minimum bid.

3) If another transport provider places a bid which is below your minimum set bid, we’ll notify you via email so you can place a new one if you so wish. Your minimum bid is kept completely confidential until it is beaten by another transport provider.

Helpful Tips, Notes & Call for Feedback

For your future reference, your own minimum bid price will be listed under the Bid Details section of your bid on each shipment page. Importantly, this is viewable only by you and is hidden from all other Shiply users and transport providers.

We hope this new feature will really help with reducing the time requred to manage your Shiply account on a day-to-day business, reducing the need manually re-adjust bids on an hourly or daily basis. If, however you would prefer not to use this feature, this is not a problem, it is an optional field, so please feel free to simply leave it blank!

So, more time on the road, with nice full vehicles and less time in front of the screen we hope! As always, do let us know your feedback, either in the comments below or the feedback tab.