Now That’s What We Call a Special Delivery

An RAF officer from Cranwell has redefined the meaning of the term ‘special delivery’ by preparing to undertake a 10,000 mile trip all the way to Mongolia in order to personally deliver an ambulance to an area in drastic need of emergency vehicles on behalf of the charity Go Help.

Sgt Chris Pacey with the donated ambulance (Photo: Crown Copyright)

Sgt Chris Pacey, who serves with the RAF Regiment at the Officer and Aircrew Cadet Training Unit (OACTU), and his wife Dee will set off on July 7 in the ambulance, which was donated by Alisdair Couper of Terberg DTS, first driving across Eastern Europe with a stop in the Ukraine, where they will visit a local children’s orphanage.

The route will then take them through some difficult terrain along the TransSiberian highway through Kazakhstan and right across Russia before arriving in Mongolia to deliver the ambulance in the capital Ulaanbaatar.

The shortage of ambulances in Mongolia means that medical help can take up to three hours to reach sick and injured people in remote areas, and then another few hours to get them safely to a hospital.

Ambulance donations such as this one can help to save many lives, and what better way to make sure the vehicle gets to its destination safely than by delivering it yourself – a very special delivery indeed.