Parcel Network Policy Update

Over recent weeks we have received comments regarding transport providers bidding on shipments and then outsourcing this work to parcel networks such as DHL, ParcelForce etc etc.

Our stance on this always has been that this practice is perfectly fine so long as the customer is aware that this is the service they will receive.

In most instances for smaller, lighter parcel deliveries which are boxed, parcel networks do offer the best option in terms of price and minimal effect on the environment.

To make the process of specifying if your bid is for a parcel network service, we have added this as an option under your “Bid Vehicle” when placing bids. Please be sure to correctly specify this when placing bids on Shiply from hereon in.

We hope this clear differentiation between a parcel network service and a bespoke delivery service will allow for greater transparency between the services and bids on offer.

One comment on “Parcel Network Policy Update

  • These companies are simply adding a service to customers – at least the legitimate ones are.

    They act as 'web brokers', who negotiate great rates with the actual parcel delivery companies, and then add a slight markup to turn a profit.

    You are still getting cheaper rates than going straight to the big companies! These web brokers, or whatever you wish to call them, have so much buying power that none of us could get equal rates.

    It's good to have transparency however, I agree. We should always be informed exactly what we are getting.

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