Pay-as-you-weigh airline fare is a success

Chief executive of Samoa Air Chris Langton introduced a controversial fare system based on passengers’ weight last year. The airline claims the system had been so successful that the company is upgrading its fleet.

“The next step is for the industry to make those sort of changes and recognize that ‘Hey, we are not all 72 kilograms (about 160 pounds) anymore and we don’t all fit into a standard seat.”

“What makes airplanes work is weight. We are not selling seats, we are selling weight.”

“It works both ways. People who pay more deserve more. … So, it is in our interests that we take care of the people that who have chalked in at 150, 180 kilograms (330, 396 pounds). They’ve paid their fare and we try to give them what they should have, which is a comfortable seat. We try to make sure they have space around them that taller people have got more leg room — within the confines of the airplane these days we try to do it ” said Chris Langton to CNN.

According to the Samoa Air website it says: “your weight plus your baggage items is what you pay for. Simple.”