Pensioner caught transporting carpet with his mobility scooter

A pensioner has made the headlines after making full and improper use of his mobility scooter to courier a carpet in Wincanton, Somerset.

Hurtling along at 8mph, the elderly daredevil threw caution to the wind to move the hefty carpet roll. Despite this the man in question does appear to be wearing a fluorescent jacket – although that doesn’t stop it being any less dangerous!

The man behind the lens of the now infamous video, Gary McKenna, was a passenger in a car behind. Mr McKenna said: “We waited for him to come past, then we thought it would be funny to video it, because it was quite funny and out of the ordinary.”

A spokesman for Avon and Somerset Police has stated: “Because mobility scooters are not classed as a ‘motor vehicle’, legislation such as the unsafe carriage of goods or driving without reasonable consideration does not apply.”