Pick Up A Parcel Down The Pub

A new web site called useyourlocal.com has been launched as a new way of picking up parcel deliveries that you miss at home!

The idea behind the scheme is that instead of having to constantly re-arrange parcel delivery or worse still queue up at your local sorting office, you can go and pick up your parcels from your local pub (whilst enjoying a nice cold one)!

We think it’s great and are glad to see it is receiving lots of publicity and pubs signing up.

The last mile problem has long been an issue with parcel deliveries. There have been attempts in the past to have “safe place drop offs” such as local shops if your not in, however many of these have not really worked.

We think this new idea does have a really good chance of success and is great for local pubs as another way of attracting punters in mid-week for a social drink.